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Buying Clubs

What is a buying Club?

A buying club is a group of people who meet at a predetermined date, place and time to pick up their pre-ordered salmon.

We continually get inquiries of how we can make our Wild Alaska Salmon available to people outside of Asheville. In order to meet these requests, we offer the opportunity for our customers to create buying clubs as a way to offer our product to those of you who live within a 2.5-hour drive of the Asheville area.

Our Wild Salmon Buying Club members get the benefit of buying high quality delicious healthy salmon directly from the fisherman at fantastic prices with free delivery. Yes, a great price and Free Delivery!

How does a buying club work?

The first step is to gather a handful of friends, co-workers or family members who are interested in buying our delicious healthy sustainable salmon. Finding these people can be as easy as sending off a group email with a short message and a link to our website so they can see what you are talking about. Once you think you have a group together, give us a call or send an email and we will gladly discuss specifics.

How do I start a buying club?

To start a buying club in your area we will need a minimum of 160 lbs in orders. This might sound like a lot, but it is as simple as you and 8 other people placing 20 lb orders. If that still sounds like a lot, keep in mind that our most popular seller, our sockeye salmon portions, come packed in 10 lbs boxes. These can easily be split with friends and family, and they make great gifts!

Once you have a group together then we choose a convenient date, time and place for delivery. Some clubs meet in public parking lots, or we can set up in someone's driveway if that is easiest. Next, we will add your buying club to our website and your job is done! As opposed to many other buying clubs where the organizer is responsible for collecting payment and coordinating individual orders, we'll take care of it all!

Not sure if you have enough to form a club on your own?

Our convenient web links can make it easy for you! Past customers have sent an email to their friends or groups they belong to (e.g., clubs, social groups, community list-serves, church groups) with a link to our website. Once we hear of interest in your area, we will add it to our website. As people contact us, we will create the group ourselves. When we have enough, we'll head your way. That's all you have to do, just pass on the word!

Once a buying club is established, it usually grows on its own members word-of-mouth advertising.

2016 Buying Clubs

Times and Locations can be found on our Calendar.

  • Asheville, NC: Oct. thru Nov.
  • Spring Pick up (Asheville only)
  • Atlanta (Virginia Highlands), GA: Nov 6th
  • Atlanta (Marrietta), GA: Nov 6th
  • Atlanta (Duluth), GA: Nov 20th (FULL)
  • Atlanta (Roswell), GA: Nov 20th (FULL)
  • Blue Ridge, GA: Oct 12th
  • Boone, NC: Oc 26th
  • Brevard, NC: Nov 15th
  • Chapel Hill, NC: Canceled
  • Charlotte, NC: Oct 30th
  • Charleston, SC: Dec 11th
  • Country Garden Farms: April 30th
  • Columbia, SC: Nov (FULL)
  • Columbia, SC: Dec 7th
  • Davidson, NC: Oct 30th
  • Durham, NC: Dec 4th
  • Flat Rock, NC: Nov 22nd
  • Franklin, NC: Oct 12th
  • Frederica Scott's Club:TBD
  • Gainesville, GA: Nov 20th (FULL)
  • Galax, VA: Oct 19th
  • Greenville, SC: Oct 22nd
  • Johnson City, TN: TBA
  • Hillsborough, NC: Nov 13th
  • Mars Hill, NC: Oct 18th
  • Raleigh, NC: Nov 13th
  • Real Food Living: Nov 3rd
  • Rutherfordton, NC: Nov 16th
  • Tryon, NC: Nov 22nd
  • Waynesville, NC: Nov 10th
  • Winston Salem, NC: Nov 19th (FULL)