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Each summer my partner Steve and I head to Bristol Bay, Alaska to participate in the largest Sockeye salmon fishery in the world. We are blessed to take part in natural cycle literally thousands of years in the making. After our salmon are picked out of the net they are placed directly, and with great care, into an icy slurry that quickly cools them. They are then delivered to a processing facility where they are filleted, de-boned, and flash frozen to preserve that "just-caught" freshness.

Our Salmon are transported by barge from Alaska to Seattle and then trucked across the country and arrive in Asheville by October. We sell at local tailgate markets October through December and do most of our buying club deliveries November through January.

Don't delay! Supplies are limited and we do sell out each year.

This site is bulk orders only. If you are interested in purchasing by the pound please visit us at one of our local farmers markets. Other local businesses where our salmon can be purchased can also be found on the Farmers Markets page.

Step-By-Step Instructions

If you live in the Asheville area:

  1. Place your order here
  2. Once your order is placed you can then Schedule a Pick-Up. We schedule pick-ups through November. Space is limited and dates do fill up. To ensure your order is ready for pick up you must sign up for a specific pick-up date.

We do our best to make it easy to remember your pick day by sending email reminders and text messages upon request.

If you want to be a part of a buying club:

  1. First check the Buying Clubs page to make sure you will be able to pick up your order on the designated delivery day.
  2. If a buying club is listed on our website there is no need to officially "join" the club. You will automatically be joined when your order is placed.
  3. Place your order. During the check out process you will select the buying club where you will be picking up your salmon.

We will send out email reminders as the date nears. Please make sure to give us an email you regularly check or you will not get these reminders. If specific details about time and location are not listed when you place your order, we will update the buying club page as these details are finalized.


We are now shipping orders on a limited basis.  As most of our regular customers know, we are very busy during the Fall with markets and deliveries, but we have designated a few dates for shipping orders.  Please visit our Shipping page for more details.

Spring Orders

We know that many people can't store as much salmon as they know they will consume throughout the year. To accommodate our big salmon lovers, we do hold orders for an Asheville Spring pick-up. These orders must be paid in full and will need to picked up by the end of March. When placing your order you will have an option to choose "spring pick-up" during the check out process. If you are wanting salmon in both the Fall and the Spring, you must place two separate orders (otherwise, it'll confuse us).